Getting Certificate Copies Of South Dakota Divorce Records

Going through a divorce is not easy. It’s a painful, time-consuming, and emotionally draining process that can change a person’s life. It can also tear off the budget as the procedures will cost a lot. In our modern world, however, divorce has become something like a constant. This is why states in the U.S. have drawn up their own laws and rules with regard to divorce records. Eventually, divorced couples will find one reason or two for obtaining an extra copy of the dissolution of their marriage. If you or someone you know is planning to do such, it is important to take note of the rules and requirements of the state where the divorce was granted. For example, if you need to access South Dakota Divorce Records, the first office to approach is the state’s Vital Statistics Office.

South Dakota’s Vital Statistics Office maintains the state’s divorce records. Their repository holds records from July 1905 up to the present. When filing for a request, you are required to submit an application letter that contains all the necessary record information. Thus, you’ll need to indicate the names of the ex-couple, as well as the date and city or county where the divorce was granted. You’ll also need to include your photo ID. Additionally, if you want a certified copy of States Divorce Records, you should indicate your relationship to the divorced couple (unless you are the other half of the party, of course!).

There’s also a fee for every record that you obtain. Each copy is worth $15. If you want to avail of expedited processing, which can be done via Internet or phone only, you’ll have to pay $11.50 on top of the $15 for every record you need. If the divorce record you need is not found at the Vital Statistics Office, your next destination should be the Clerk of Courts of the county where the marriage dissolution was granted. The fee varies in every state.

According to South Dakota laws, only individuals deemed eligible will be given certified copies of South Dakota divorce records. Aside from the ex-couple, the record owners’ current spouse, child/children, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, and legal representative are the ones who can get a certified divorce record. If you do not fall into any of these categories, you will only be able to get an informational copy, which cannot be used as a proof of identification.

It’s quite a tiring process, especially when you consider the fact that, in most cases, you may have to wait for some days or weeks before you get your request. If tedious procedures and waiting is not your cup of tea, you’ll want to consider hiring the services of independent online record searchers. Their request process is simpler and the results come out fast. No need for you to wait for days or weeks; you get what you need after only a couple of minutes.

What makes these online record searchers stand out is their records database. It’s online, so you can access it anytime. It’s also comprehensive, so you’ll find practically all States Divorce Records you need. In addition to this, online record searchers do not require you to spend for every record you want to obtain. You only pay once, and a minimal amount at that. Best of all, you get unlimited access to their database in exchange for the small fee! They’re practical, convenient, and definitely more efficient!


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